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“Someday I will also grow older” says the sign on the façade of the building, where old people who remained without any care, attention and any living expenses, gather everyday 5 days a week, to eat, to talk and just to live the remains of their life with people of their situation. Continue Reading »

Public social networks are as complex and esoteric as the imaginations of the players allow. They are ‘transformative,’ in that they let the user determine the outcome. In other words, that is pointing that on the internet, we create our ideal self in a virtual environment; unfortunately, the ideal self we created often does not transform well into real life situations. It is a human nature that we always want to make our self busy with some kind of activity. Sometimes it helps someone to be active and do something different from their daily routine. Continue Reading »


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When we modern folks think of chocolate, we tend to think of it in its solid, sweetened form, and this is reflected in the undue emphasis which much food writing gives to solid chocolate. Yet during nine-tenths of its long history, chocolate was drunk, not eaten.

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Out of five local Sakrebulo candidates in the village Shahumian, Marneuli  region, two are Armenians and three – Georgians. Four poll stations are working in the village. One of the precinct’s commission deputy chair Mariam Tetunashvill confirms that the elections are going well, without any incidents. The village where 80 percent of population is comprised of  Armenians has a lot of issues but with the coming of the new elections the old promises are being forgotten. Continue Reading »

for all those who are interested in Photograpy

We are on the lookout for a great photographer with a great idea. Our Hasselblad challenge is open to all UK-based photographers of all ages. So if you are an up-and-coming photographer with a creative body of work and can come up with an imaginative response to our concept, you could be our winner.

The challenge

To enter Project Hasselblad, all you need to do is submit a portfolio of six of your strongest images (they can be shot on any format camera) which demonstrate the quality and creativity of your work, along with a concept proposal. The proposal should outline a specific project you would want to use a Hasselblad system to photograph and complete throughout the coming year. It should give details of the proposed location or locations, subject matter and creative approach. You should also explain why you feel this project is important to you and why the Hasselblad system would be most appropriate for it. Continue Reading »