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for all those who are interested in Photograpy

We are on the lookout for a great photographer with a great idea. Our Hasselblad challenge is open to all UK-based photographers of all ages. So if you are an up-and-coming photographer with a creative body of work and can come up with an imaginative response to our concept, you could be our winner.

The challenge

To enter Project Hasselblad, all you need to do is submit a portfolio of six of your strongest images (they can be shot on any format camera) which demonstrate the quality and creativity of your work, along with a concept proposal. The proposal should outline a specific project you would want to use a Hasselblad system to photograph and complete throughout the coming year. It should give details of the proposed location or locations, subject matter and creative approach. You should also explain why you feel this project is important to you and why the Hasselblad system would be most appropriate for it. (more…)


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festival / biennial

*crosstalk** video art festival*
•Application Deadline


Media and video artists from all over the world are invited to submit their works for Issue 3 of *crosstalk** video art festival* that will be held in June 2010 in Budapest.

*crosstalk** video art festival *is looking for video pieces that are critical, analytical or showing their subject from new perspectives. There is no criteria as to the subject/theme of the works.

Artist from any age, gender, nationality, religion can submit works up to 3 pieces.
Films and videos submitted must:
– belong to the category of video art ,
– have been completed on or after 1 January 2007,
– be single channel works
– be copyright controlled by the artist.

We are interested in screening videos in the category: video art.
There are no entry fees!

crosstalk video art festival
http://www.crosstal k.hu

festival / biennial


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Balloons art in Tbilisi

By Anna Karamyan

Peace by Piece- building Bal(ka)loon Art project, 2006 Sarajevo,the colorful tunnel was the symbol of the underground tunnel during the war years between 1992-95
Peace for Piece-building Bal(ka)loon Art project Sarajevo 2006, the black and white hand was as a symbol of current political movement of young Bosnians



Three years ago, people strolling down the streets of Sarajevo might have been surprised to see, and even walk through, a giant colorful tunnel made entirely of balloons. A group of students held up the tunnel which was big enough that a number of people could easily pass through it, but also light enough to carry away.

The tunnel is a potent and powerful symbol for Sarajevans as underground tunnels were often the only way food and medical supplies reached the city from 1992 till 1995.

“It is the symbol of a current political movement of young Bosnians who aspire for change,” says Sina Greinert, one of the project architects, a self described balloon artist and political scientist. “Balloons make an interesting sculptural medium, which help people explore political ideas in public spaces. Because a balloon sculpture is light, you can easily pick it up and move it, which means you don’t need any permits to build them.”

German native Greinert and some of her friends are founders of Balloons for Peace, the purpose of which is to use balloon sculptures for social changes. She was in Tbilisi in February trying to organize a similar balloon art project with school children. (more…)

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The Washington Post:

Radio Television Digital News Association

Social Media and Blogging Guidelines

Social media and blogs are important elements of journalism. They narrow the distance between journalists and the public. They encourage lively, immediate and spirited discussion. They can be vital news-gathering and news-delivery tools. As a journalist you should uphold the same professional and ethical standards of fairness, accuracy, truthfulness, transparency and independence when using social media as you do on air and on all digital news platforms. 


Truth and Fairness
• Social media comments and postings should meet the same standards of fairness, accuracy and attribution that you apply to your on-air or digital platforms.


•Information gleaned online should be confirmed just as you must confirm scanner traffic or phone tips before reporting them. If you cannot independently confirm critical information, reveal your sources; tell the public how you know what you know and what you cannot confirm. Don’t stop there. Keep seeking confirmation. This guideline is the same for covering breaking news on station websites as on the air. You should not leave the public “hanging.” Lead the public to completeness and understanding. (more…)

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